Old Inn

9 Walton Road, Clevedon, North Somerset, BS21 6AE
Tel: 01275 340440


Serving a wide range of beers, ales, spirits, wines, minerals, bottled beers & ciders. 

Exmoor Stag, Exmoor Ales Ltd (5.2%)

This is a big hitter of a beer, an Ian Botham standing defiantly at the crease.


Doom Bar, Sharp's Brewery Ltd (4.0%)

Doom Bar Bitter is named after an infamous sandbank at the mouth of the Camel Estuary in North Cornwall.

Courage Best Bitter, Wells & Young's Brewing Co Ltd (4.0%)

Pale brown in appearance with a bitter after taste, Courage Best Bitter consumers enjoy its lower ABV of 4% that allows them the opportunity to enjoy their favourite ale for longer.

Kronenbourg 1664, Heineken (5.0%)

Kronenbourg 1664 is a lager with a noble history, characterized by its fine taste. Its golden hues and delicate bitterness come from selecting the best hops (the Strisselspalt), and the unique know-how of one of the French master brewers.

Carlsberg, Carlsberg UK Ltd (3.8%)

Carlsberg is a Pilsner style lager originating from Copenhagen, Denmark. Carlsberg is light, easy drinking and refreshing. The all malt recipe and Carlsberg yeast strain gives the balance between body and depth of flavour and a clean refreshing palate.

Fosters, Heineken (4.0%)

A pleasant, fruity, lighter-styled quaffing lager

Guinness Original, Guinness (4.2%)

Swirling clouds tumble as the storm begins to calm.

Thatchers Dry Cider, Thatchers Cider (4.8%)

A well crafted medium dry cider has a smooth, refreshing appley taste and a bright sparkle.


Thatchers Gold Cider, Thatchers Cider (4.8%)

Thatchers Gold tastes as good as it looks. Using the best of our traditional approach and modern techniques for a refreshing cider with a smooth appley taste and a bright sparkle.

Thatchers Traditional Draught Cider, Thatchers Cider (6%)

A hazy, unfiltered and un-carbonated cider, but has a natural, subtle sparkle. A mellow and smooth taste that will appeal to those who enjoy real Somerset cider at its very best.


PROSECCO, (10.5%)

ROSE, (11%)